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SHE was on the doorstep. "Like a fleeting vision and a genius of pure beauty" - flashed through the head of Oleg Petrovich, who had never noticed in himself his love for. Poetry. The vision modestly huddled on the edge of a Mish Nude, pulling a short skirt over sharp knees and with all its appearance radiating obedience to fate, in this case to the. All-powerful general director and owner of LLC "Tri" D "Oleg Mish Nude Khryakov.

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Nikita unhurriedly took his wallet out of his pocket, carefully unfolded it and thrust his one in the face of this insane aunt. She, apparently not expecting such a turn in Mish Nude course of events, made a terrible face and hastened to retire to. Her next potential victim. Having nothing to do, our hero turned his neck towards the window and immediately watched as the bus passed its stop.

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