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Did you like it. taking him back again - so combine one with the other. Dimka did not believe in any mysticism - the history teacher, Anatoly Filippovich, who is called Filippok at school, at the beginning of the school year popularly explained to them. That belief in everything mystical, in everything supernatural, inexplicable arises in people when people lose some vital landmarks; Look, said Filippok, the twentieth century for the country was a century of creation, and therefore society did not need all sorts of fairy tales - people lived a real life; now the time has come for destruction, Anthony Nude time for the destruction of moral guidelines in the country, and therefore it is being intensively implanted in society. belief in all kinds of miracles is cultivated - in order to distract people from pressing problems, from real issues, from the desire to. Create life by ourselves; therefore, do not be fools - look at life realistically and soberly "; so Anatoly Filippovich spoke, Anthony Nude all this seemed to Dimka quite reasonable: he, Dimka, loved Rasim, this love was vital and real for Dimka, and therefore someone's belief that love was so shameful or even shameful seemed Dimka with ridiculous nonsense.

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The hostess worked hard to put Vaska in the hospital, but there was no room there yet. And then one evening, when Vaskip's room was already Anthony Nude with dusk, he raised his head and asked: - Aksinya, are you here, are you. She was dozing, but his request woke her up. - And where.

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